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Created on 1 December 2017, the association Les Roses Rouges sur le Bitume aims to help Roger McGowen's actions and to help the prisoners around him.


The amount of our donations and the number of our actions increase every year and we are proud of it because it is thanks to you! To date, the donations and actions carried out by our association represent about 2000 prisoners helped, 9 B-Days per month, including a dormitory, 8 hygiene tables and 142 active correspondence between the members of our association and the prisoners.


In order to make our actions known and to be able to collect funds in a playful and participative way throughout the year, Les Roses Rouges sur le Bitume carries out numerous actions all over France: evening conferences, meals for Roger, concerts, flea markets, second-hand shops, painting exhibitions, sale of postcards, trips to the United States to visit our prisoner correspondents, etc.


But in order to continue to increase the actions of our association, we still need you! By becoming a member of our association, you will contribute to increasing donations to Roger McGowen and you will automatically receive our monthly newsletter concerning the actions carried out or to come.


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The Red Roses on the Bitumen Team


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Why make a donation ?

Roger McGowen's actions in jail are to help prisoners find another way of living through detention by using the experience that he himself has experienced and is still experiencing today. While many of the inmates were real enemies outside and were engaged in a frightening gang war, Roger managed, and still manages, to initiate friendship, respect and Brotherhood. 


Roger's actions can take different forms, but the most emblematic and the most incredible one, is the experience of the "B-Day" (meaning "Bernard - Day"). Every last Friday of the month, prisoners from the same block gather to share a meal. This event was inspired by Bernard Montaud, a longtime friend and important supporter of Roger McGowen. Find out who Bernard Montaud is by visiting the site

Usually between 200$ and 300$ is spent on food - which is shared with up to 180 inmates.

Without the donations and the outside support, these meals could not take place.


Check out the video message from Roger McGowen to all who donate 


To ensure the good use of the donations, we are in close contact with Ronald Radford, who leads the US support committee. He is in daily contact with Roger McGowen and he sent us a letter in 2018 that you can watch in the video.

Make a donation online

By making a donation, you will be helping Roger with the actions he leads within the prison .


You can set up a minimum monthly donation of 5€, to ensure the durability of the monthly "B-Days" in the prison. 

To set up your monthly donation, please fill in our form. Click here .

Buy postcards

You can support us by buying postcards made by members of our association that quote sentences from Roger's letters.