practices DURING confinement

The confinement associated with covid 19 is an exceptional living condition. We had to find ways to enjoy it rather than endure it. Roger, the ex-death row inmate, inspired us. Like him, we had to find inner freedom. 


Bernard Montaud, "the Man in Black" as the prisoners call him, proposes 7 types of appointments to take advantage of confinement. 


7 appointments that change every day. 7 appointments to find our freedom inside. And thousands of people practise with these appointments... So why not you too?

Think about the opportunities that confinement offers us.

Every day there is an invitation that invites you to find the the good that awaits you.

A daily encounter with yourself.

It's a game to get to know yourself better, a daily meeting with yourself. Lonliness is a mirror in which one can learn to discover oneself.

A sitting game.

Sit down and try to take advantage of the silence and stillness for the better. You know, the silence that makes you wise.

An encounter with another Faith.

It doesn't matter whether you beleive in Jesus, Mohammed or Buddah, we all seek the best in Mankind. There is no good or bad Faith. We are all Brothers and Sisters and we have to learn from each other.

A time to practice taking care of each other.

It's a sharing game. Time to turn towards those that need us the most, but who also are those who have a lot to give in return.

A time to discover your artistic talents.

There are many amongst you that paint, draw or write. There are also many hidden talents in all of us. Discover your talents on a daily basis by participating in this activity.

A moment to take care of your body.

Like doing sports, we learn to do regular physical as well as spiritual excercise.

Each day, since the confinement began, 7 daily practices are proposed. Discover an example of a daily practice below.


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Bernard Montaud's word of the day to think about.


I’ve been accompanying American prisoners in Texas for years. But I've only been taking care of French prisoners for two days: "everyone is a prisoner at home!" For everyone it's the same question when deprived of freedom outside, can I still be happy inside? Deprived of freedom outside am I still able to have some intensity in life, to enjoy small pleasures, or even to just have a smile? Deprived of freedom outside, for all prisoners whether it be murderers, the seriously ill, the elderly, or pandemic prisoners. It's the same thing: you have to choose your inner freedom to live every moment WELL!

A spiritual game, to get used to the inner life


Psychic cleansing at noon and in the evening. Stop for a moment before eating and before going to bed, go through your morning or your afternoon in your mind, go back in time instant after instant. Whenever you are not satisfied with your behavior,  try to relive this moment in your mind with the best of yourself: what could you have done better?

Sit motionless and silent to open your inner eyes


Sit in a position of your choice, on the floor, on a chair, on your bed. Try to keep  a strict stillness and a perfect silence for 30 minutes. Just watch your thoughts go by. Identify them, and name them out loud. A thought passes, see it, name it out loud, repeat for the duration.

The inner journey in another Faith


Search on internet three prayers: a Christian, a Buddhist, and a Muslim.

Sit in a quiet place, and say these three prayers using the position of your body and hands to help you say these three prayers. Seek sincerity and you will be amazed at your own beauty!

Daily personal support to learn to share


Look for a friend, a neighbor or an acquaintance going through an ordeal or grief. Ring them, find out how they are and offer your help.

An artistic activity to awaken your inspiration


Write a song using a familiar tune, and change the lyrics.

But you can also write a song, and find a tune that goes with it. Record yourself on your Cellphone, and share it with friends.

Spiritual physical excercise with yourself


Start by standing with your hands together on your chest, and your feet together. Evoke the reason you are bowing. Then bend your knees slowly keeping your back straight. until your knees touch the ground. Then bow your head to the ground, thanking life. Get up and start again. Do this 30 to 50 times.