What does RRSB mean (les Roses Rouges Sur le Bitume) ?

We are called "Roses Rouges Sur le Bitume (The Red Roses on the Tar)" because the red roses represent the fineness of Roger McGowen's actions, and the Tar represents the harshness of the living conditions in prison.  This reflects the goalof Roger's actions that we support :  to enable love bloomand to be shared in a place where living conditions are so harsh.


We are also the "Roses Rouges Sur le Bitume" as the initial of each word stands for one of the founders of this adventure. It's a way to pay tribute to them.



R for Roger McGowen


R for Ronald Radford


S for Sanjy Ramboatiana


B for Bernard Montaud

Roses Rouges Sur le Bitume - Our Activities

Throughout the year we organize activities in different groups to raise funds that we send to Roger McGowen to help him with his actions.

• Correspondence with inmates : In 2018 and in connection with Roger McGowen, we set up about 60 regular correspondence with Hunstville prison inmates.  Some of the inmates have not been visited for several years, but find a way to share  inner life experiences with strangers ... and we engage in a the true sharing of experiences. Discouver the experiences of members of RRSB in this video.

• Parloir Evenings : during these evenings, we broach the subjet of Roger McGowen's experience, notably with the support of the book by Pierre Pradervand.  "Message of life from Death Row". These evenings make it possible to grasp the whole spiritual dimension of the experience lived by Roger and help to understand his actions with the other prisonners today.

• Solidarity Games : our actions take a playful twist with our solidarity games party where we invite people to play various games (Molky, poker, petanque, cards etc). With a starting bet to enter the game, it's a way to have fun whilst raising funds for Roger. 

• Movie Screening Nights : to help people understand the full story about Roger McGowen, we schedule, whenever possible,oftyen during private parties, the film "Roger McGowen, Sentenced to death #889" directed by N. Pallay in 2013. By showing this short film, we hope to make the journey of this man and his daily fight for peace on death row in Texas, know to the public. 



  • The 25th fFebruary till 7th March 2021 | Trip to Huntsville, Texas (USA)

On the Agenda, visits to prisoners, but also teachings from Bernard Montaud and Sanjy Ramboatiana on self-knowledge and spiritual practice.  During the stay, it is as much to meet the prisoners from our inner selves as to meet the prisoner from our outer selves.



The trip is reserved for members of the RRSB association and people who have a correspondent.  For more information contact us via the Contact Page.